Squash Philosophy

CityView Squash Program Philosophy

CityView Squash’s mission is to train junior squash players in all aspects of their squash game including mindset coaching, strategy, technique and physical conditioning. Excellence is achieved with consistency and a holistic approach to goals and improvement.

Squash is a highly skillful and extraordinarily physically demanding sport. For this reason, we at CityView, believe that a commitment to hard work, trust and understanding between coach and player is the most important aspect to achieve long lasting and permanent results. We have a vision to make our players the most prepared players technically, physically and mentally for the arduous requirements they come under as they become college recruitable athletes.

Training is one thing; training smartly and effectively is another thing altogether. At CityView Squash we stress the importance of a simple and effective swing that can apply pressure on the squash court and survive the rigors of enduring pressure from a skillful opponent. We believe the best way to develop the technique necessary to reach this goal is through private and semi-private lessons with a coach. We then encourage solo practice to rehearse what is done in the one on one lessons. This process of learning technique and skills will establish a solid platform from which we can build a successful squash player.

In order to continue applying the learning done by our students in lessons, we need to continue working with the students in drilling and condition game sessions to observe and emphasize the skills being taught in lessons. The culture set in these sessions is not overly competitive, but rather one that teaches you to enjoy the learning process. It presents opportunities to learn with training partners who are there to help their peers and primarily improve themselves. This atmosphere replicates the culture of a successful college squash program.

Private/Semi-Private Training

During private sessions, players will focus on form and technique with their coach.  Semi-private sessions are a desirable medium between Private instruction and Group Training and is great for kids with more restrictive schedules. Semi-private lessons with players of the same or similar level are encouraged once the player’s form and technique is achieved.

Group Training (Clinics)

Group dynamics motivate players to apply themselves differently (and usually more eagerly) than during private training. Clinics also train players to increase stamina.

Solo Practice

Solo practice is the secret to high racquet skills. It is the one element that all top ranked juniors and professionals share. Solo practice is best used once a player has attained a certain level of technique.

Match Play (Team Training):

Match Play is where players implement the skills acquired with the coaches. Without the battle hardness that comes with match play, the best technique can be of little help in winning matches.

Fitness /Strength Training:

Squash is a game of balance, agility, strength, explosiveness and endurance. Building a solid strength and endurance base is important to prevent injury and build a strong and explosive squash player. Plyometric training is key to a dynamic squash career. Juniors aiming to compete nationally or internationally must spend an ample amount of time on fitness/strength training.




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