Junior Program

Introductory Beginner Lesson Package

This introductory package is for first time players who are looking to get familiar with the game of squash. The player will learn basic hand-eye coordination and technical fundamentals, including grip, swing and basic movement patterns. Squash membership is waived during the 30-day period.

6 Private Lessons for $500

*Must be used within 30 days of purchase

For information, please contact squash@cityviewracquet.com

Junior Clinics

A group class setting intended to be the core training method for Juniors.


Semester 1 – Fall 2017 Semester 2 – Winter 2017/18 Semester 3 – Spring 2018

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
September 11th; 18th; 25th 5th; 12th; 19th; 26th 6th; 13th; 20th; 27th


7th; 14th; 21st; 28th
October 2nd; 9th; 16th; 23rd; 30th


3rd; 10th; 17th; 24th; 31st
4th; 11th; 18th; 25th 5th; 12th; 19th; 26th
November 6th; 13th; 20th; 27th 7th; 14th; 21st; 28th 1st; 8th; 15th; 22nd; 29th


2nd; 9th; 16th; 30th
(off 23rd)
December 4th; 11th; 18th;(off 25th) Christmas  5th; 12th; 19th;(off 26th) Winter Break  6th; 13th; 20th (off 27th) Winter Break


 7th; 14th; 21st; (off 28th) Winter Break
January 8th; 15th; 22nd; 29th; (off 1st) Winter Break


9th; 16th; 23rd; 30th; (off 2nd) Winter Break 10th; 17th; 24th; 31st; (off 3rd) Winter Break 11th; 18th; 25th; (off 4th) Winter Break
February 5th; 12th; 19th; 26th


6th; 13th; 20th;27th 7th; 14th; 21st; 28th 1st; 8th; 15th; 22nd
March 5th; 12th;
(off 19th; 26th)
Spring Break
6th; 13th
(off 20th; 27th)
Spring Break
7th; 14th
(off 21st; 28th)
Spring Break
1st; 8th; 15th (off 22nd; 29th)
Spring Break
April 2nd; 9th; 16th; 23rd; 30th 3rd; 10th; 17th; 24th 4th; 11th; 18th; 25th 5th; 12th; 19th; 26th
May 7th; 14th; 21st
(off 28th)
Memorial Day
1st; 8th; 15th; 22nd; 29th 2nd; 9th; 16th; 23rd; 30th 3rd; 10th; 17th; 24th; 31st
June 4th 5th 6th 7th

*Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday: 5:30pm-7:00pm

*Wednesday: 6:15pm to 7:45pm.

Lesson Rates

Coming soon.

Cancellation Policy

We strictly enforce a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you need to cancel your child’s scheduled lesson, please do so by E-mailing the Front Desk at: frontdesk@cityviewracquet.com. Please note that we DO NOT accept verbal cancellations.

US Squash Sanctioned Junior Tournaments

CityView Junior Silver

12/28/17 – 12/30/17


Fitness and Strength Training

Sport Specific Training for Racquet Sports

Created by tpaworldwide.com

TPA has joined with the Hisham Ashour Squash Academy and CityView Racquet Club to implement Sports Specific Training for racquet sports as the Official fitness program of the Academy.

SST involves training inside 4 main areas of physical development. The focus is to improve fitness performance for your individual sport, not to teach your sport. SST is owned and was created by Tim Keller of Tennis Professionals Alliance tpaworldwide.com

It is a system that can be fully modified to meet the needs of a program for individuals and small groups. This training has been taught to high level adults and active professionals.

Its 4 main areas are as follows:

1)  Cardiovascular Endurance/Coordination

2)  Muscle strength

3)  Muscle Endurance

4) Flexibility


When combined together, in time, this regimen will lead to improved:

1) Balance

2) Explosiveness

3)  Speed

4)  Stamina


Mental focus, discipline and strength are the vital components necessary to achieve your goals.


The outline for the junior academy will be as follows:

Small groups (a maximum 4 participants) will work side by side in a timed rotation of an average of 16 minutes cycles and focus solely on one of the four main areas of development. Within that time only 3 to 4 movements will be shown and while some moments will be intense, alignments and safety will be stressed first. Intensity and dynamic repetition can only increase upon knowing that alignments are correct.

Progress over time is paramount and nothing short of Mental Focus, Effort, Patience and Respect will be expected.

For further information on SST email: info@tpaworldwide.com



Subway from Manhattan: 7 (Local) train to 33rd Street/Rawson station (5th stop from Grand Central Station)



43-34 32nd Place, Penthouse
(between Skillman Ave. and Queens Blvd.)
Long Island City, New York 11101